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7 Simple Tips For Acne Free Clear Skin | - Homemade face masks and natural skin care recipes to make at home...

So let me guess you have spent a good hour or so googling how to get rid of that massive, mountain sized pimple on your forehead, before you have to face the crowd at the school dance or have that very important interview for your next job.
I’m going to be honest with you acne isn’t always a quick fix, it can take time to get rid of it. It can be anything from a quick fix to a painful process of trying vast amounts of different creams, facial wash, masks etc. Trust me I have been there before. The frustrating moments of standing in the supermarket with a huge range of products before you, all saying similar things, leaves you thinking what the hell am I going for? Has to be the most frustrating thing.
If your’e looking for a magical cream to make you never get pimples again, I’m sorry but I’m not going to sell you any fancy acne cream. But what I can do is give you some tips on lessening your chances of getting it..and you can use any of the acne recipes on this website (or in Mia’s book The Complete Acne book).
Yeah I bet your’e thinking “heard that one before”, but it’s true. The amount of bacteria, dirt and oil on your face, as well as for girls your make up, is a huge build up and a prime pimple starter. At the end of the day it’s very important to just wash your face and remove the excess layer of crap to just let your skin breathe.
It’s science really, feed you skin healthy things and it will stay healthy. It’s as simple as that. If you feed it crap then how do you expect it to come out looking amazing – it’s got to get rid of it somehow.
And no I’m not talking about alcohol, and fizzy drinks, I’m talking about good old fashioned H2O. There is nothing more better than keeping your skin and body hydrated. It’s not only good for your health but its good at fighting off those spots. Drinking water detoxifies your body and flushes out impurities.
No matter how big it is, if your pimple is red and doesn’t have a head on it, do not squeeze it. Squeezing can actually make it a lot worse by driving bacteria under the skin and can lead to possible scarring.
To be fair not many people think of this but not cleaning your make up brushes or sponges even though they collect dirt and bacteria that can lead to break outs.
Now for some people this isn’t easy – especially if you are like me an are one to drink liters of milk and munch on things like cheese (what can I say, it’s my weak point). Dairy products (even those that are organic) contain cow hormones that stimulate your oil glands that can lead to acne. True fact. I’m not saying cut it out completely, cut cut it down and stick to slim.
This is a mistake we all make, buying that new facial cleanser or mask – trying it for a day or two then getting frustrated when we are not seeing results. When using a new product, use it every other day and never try a few new buys at once. You should at least introduce one product every three or four days at the least. You have to give a product at least 12 weeks to see if it really works before calling it quits.

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